DRVC 2023

About DRVC

Disasters, whether natural or man-made, have had adverse effects on human beings ever since mankind existed on earth. In response, communities try to battle disasters by developing various disaster response and management strategies. The concept of disaster management encompasses multidisciplinary approaches and almost always interfaces between the earth and life systems. The need for interdisciplinary contribution demands diverse expertise in Disaster Management, much more than in any other field of operation. Convergence of expertise of individuals from various disciplines is essential for developing professionals in the field of Disaster Management.

The Disaster, Risk and Vulnerability Conference aims to bring together specialists, practitioners, academics, students and the public to a common platform where researchers and practitioners can present their research papers, debate on the issues, and discuss the challenges, opportunities and areas of mutual cooperation. Discussions on disaster management, risk and vulnerability reduction can lead to increased awareness of disasters and its various hues and aspects, strategies for resiliency, and newer technologies for disaster management. The conference enables the updating of the knowledge base of  disaster  management  professionals  by communicating  the  latest  practices  and  developments evolved in various parts of the globe. The Disaster, Risk and Vulnerability Conference 2011, organized at the School of Environmental Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University was an international conference and the first in this series of conferences. DRVC 2014 & 2017 was an National conference organized by Department of Geology, university of Kerala, Trivandrum.  In continuation, DRVC (2020) was held in the School of Environmental Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University as National conference but in virtual mode due to the pandemic. DRVC has always provided an ideal platform for the disaster management user community to share and update the academic and practical knowledge base in disaster management.

About the Conference

This is the fifth international conference. Disaster, Risk and Vulnerability Conference 2023 (DRVC 2023) would be an ideal venue for revamping the disaster education at University level by collating and incorporating expert suggestions in this area. The conference would also bring together experts working in the multifarious aspects of disaster management and the discussions and brain-storming sessions could bring about suggestions for mitigation that could have long-reaching impact on Indian disaster management policy formulation. The three-day conference provides an ideal venue for networking among disaster management enthusiasts, and the conference aims to throw up newer ideas that could go a long way in streamlining disaster management activities of the nation. The conference would be a premier event for disaster management professionals, scholars and students offering unique educational and operational knowledge sharing within the broad spectrum of disaster management. It will provide an opportunity to gain valuable education, training and best practices to assist you and the community to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies and disasters.